Nellie's Free Range Eggs




The Mission of Nellie’s Free Range Eggs

Exceed customer expectations with the best tasting, highest quality, humanely and sustainably produced eggs available.

At Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, our family has been farming for four generations. We are totally committed—okay, a little obsessed—with bringing you the highest-quality, safest, and freshest eggs possible.  We are a values-led company, dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and small family farms, who we believe are the best stewards of environmental sustainability.

All our eggs come from small family farms like our own home farm. These are real farms, not imposters who slap a “farm-fresh” label on a factory-farm-produced egg. As the nation’s first Certified Humane® egg producer since 2003, we require that our farmers follow the strictest standards of humane animal treatment, safety, and environmental sustainability. But we don’t really need to convince them. Just like us, they think hens have a right to a reasonable life and that will make a better egg for you.

It’s not just good for our hens and our planet—it’s also good business. We stay vital and growing by recruiting other small family farms to supply us with eggs, not by mega-conglomerizing.

Yet we’re as efficient and productive as those factory-farm conglometrons, because we use cutting-edge production techniques and smart automation to process and distribute our eggs.  In 2013, we became America’s first egg producer to earn the “B-Corp Certified” designation as a For-Benefit Corporation, under the auspices of B-Labs.

We don’t need to “boost efficiency” by cramming our birds into inhumanely small spaces and then force feeding them antibiotics to keep them from spreading diseases to each other.

We promise to always provide you and your family with safe, wholesome eggs at a reasonable price.

Nellie’s Story

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