Nellie’s Free Range Farms

At Nellie’s, our forty+ independent, small family farmers work incredibly hard every day to raise laying hens in a way that we can be proud of, and that you can be sure of getting a healthy and safe egg.

You can count on all of our free range farms. We don’t overcrowd, we don’t use antibiotics, we don’t confine them in cages. Instead, we follow all of the Humane Farm Animal Farm regulations for raising Certified Humane Free Range hens. In short, we believe in sustainable, family agriculture. And we believe that better lives for hens means better eggs for you.

Want to learn more, about the lives of our happy hens inside, and outside of, our barns? Click on the video to the right! Or Click here to see some photos.

“We have developed a really great barn system. It’s efficient for our family farmers and it keeps our birds happy and healthy. The feed systems are automatic, there is always fresh water available, and the ventilation and temperature control is carefully monitored; so our ladies are always comfortable.”

–Gerry Laflamme, Nellie’s Co-Founder