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Choosing a Different Future


The title of this egg industry video is “The Future of Cage Free Egg Production is Here.”  If you’re a hen, then the future looks kind of bleak.

Don’t get us wrong, at Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, we are very glad that the country has finally said no to some of the most inhumane practices of egg production: namely battery cages on factory farms. While it will take some time to happen, within a decade or so, most factory farms will have converted from caged production to cage free, or something like that at least. But as we have warned in the past, “cage free” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

If you want to see what we mean, just watch this amazing video from a company seeking to supply the industry with its new “cage free barns.” I think you will agree that it looks more like they are building the next super villain’s secret desert missile facility for a James Bond film than it does a barn for animals.

We take a decidedly lower-tech approach to helping hens lay eggs. That’s why we’re Certified Humane and Free Range, and we don’t need helicopters in order to video the immensity of our farms (you can generally see them just by climbing a nearby tree). Though the music in the video is very stirring.

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  1. Beth says:

    How horrible.

  2. Cindy Arnett says:

    Cafos are horrible and only getting worse. The consumer must have better understanding of their food and the overall damage to the environment as well as the life of the animal being subjected to the style. After having a hog confinement placed beside my farm I have found I cannot pick up a package of meat, dairy, or eggs, without asking myself, “What community of people am I hurting by making this purchase? What was this animal subjected to? What antibiotics, growth hormones, etc has this animal been subjected to? To only put the package back onto the shelf. We went from spending $300 a month to $100. My blood pressure went from 160s (I can’t remember the bottom) to 103 and my fasting sugar did the same. I have rejected mainstream food products and will never look back. Read The Price Of Pork from the Chicago Tribune to get more insight from this horrible industry.

  3. Gail Biddle says:

    SICKENING. People need to do their homework. It is ALL about the MONEY and the animals suffer and that suffering is transferred to those who eat them. It is called CANCER.

  4. amy irish says:

    abt ‘cage-free’: Can I say it..? Please? omg! wtf! Those poor hens.
    & Thank You Nellies for taking the guess work out of buying a humane, safe product. I love animals & I love good food. From my heart, Thank You for providing me with the best of both.
    I cannot express that enough. Thank You again.

  5. Esther R. says:

    Well I love your farm. Smoke, mirrors, and music is not going to helps us with what they want to do. Humane is the only way to go. Keep up the great work.

  6. jane says:

    That looks like a monstrosity! How terrible

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