Nellie's Free Range Eggs


Meet the Frey Family

Laverne Frey’s grandparents had a 100-acre farm in Annville PA. When his parents took it over, they had about 70 milkers; and Laverne worked there as a boy. He liked working with dairy cows, but he was always fascinated with laying hens.

When he turned 18, Laverne began working with a partner in excavating. He and Sandra met at a church group function when they were teens and eventually married.

They bought their own farm in 2004 and built a greenhouse on the property. The 112-acre farm has about 75 tillable acres.

In addition to the greenhouses, the egg layer barns and a herd of dairy cows, Laverne raises corn, soy and wheat. His favorite task is walking the layer barn he says. “It’s very relaxing to hear the hens cackling,” he says, “and I love working with my kids.”

“Since we got the hens, we don’t really have much time to get away. We rent a cabin in a very remote part of northern Pennsylvania where we like to relax.”

“There is a real future for small family farms as long as people want to see hens well taken care of. I hope to see my children working this farm down the road.”