Nellie’s Free Range Farmers

All our free range eggs come from small, family-owned, free range farms similar to our own home farm in Monroe, New Hampshire. We stay vital by carefully selecting new families to join us in raising our free range hens. This way we can supply more humane eggs to the market without becoming a giant egg factory ourselves. It’s good for us, good for small farms and families, and good for you too.

Working with Nellie’s Free Range enables our many farm families to make a good living with a business they can keep in the family. And we know a small farm is the best place for a healthy, happy, free range hen to roam as she pleases.

Come meet the people who happily supply your free range eggs.

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Reiff Family Farm

Lancaster County, PA


Reiff Family Farm

Lancaster County, PA

“A nice place to raise a family”

John and Nancy Reiff are some of the newest farmers to join the Nellie’s Free Range family, but they’re no strangers to the business. Both grew up on family farms, and they knew they wanted an operation their eight children (ages 1-16) could be a part of, just as they’d been.

The Reiffs’ farm, which John grew up on, is well diversified. They also run a grain storage operation, crop-farm corn and soybeans, and raise sheep. But the day-to-day operations of egg gathering and packing, says Nancy, are mostly done by her and the older kids.

“They help with the first eggs in the morning,” she explains. They’re each responsible for gathering 1,000 eggs, and they do!”

The family’s first flock has been exceptionally healthy and productive. “They’re an easygoing breed,” says Nancy. The birds love socializing, strutting and visiting the grassy outdoor access area just outside their barn.

Best of all, she thinks, is the opportunity the farm brings the whole family. “We enjoy the lifestyle. It’s just a nice place to raise a family.”


Martin Family Farm

Lancaster County, PA


Martin Family Farm

Lancaster County, PA

A Nellie’s Free Range legacy farm

Signing up with us in 2002, Emory Martin was one of the very first farmers for Nellie’s Free Range. By then his historic stone barn already held many years of farm traditions. Today his flock of 8,000 chickens are exceptionally healthy and happy—especially since he recently added a big, green pasture area for them to roam in.

Emory is proud that he and his wife Eva Jane have been able to keep their farm in the family for their eight children, who grew up helping out on the farm and selling vegetables at the family’s farmstand. They’re also committed to being good neighbors; Emory volunteers for his local fire company and the whole family is very active in their church.


Wadel Family Farm

Lamoille County, VT


Wadel Family Farm

Lamoille County, VT

New technology rekindles an old livelihood

Farmer Wadel produced eggs 20 years ago in an old-fashioned poultry barn, until the giant egg corporations started muscling small operations like his out of the market. Moving on, he had to work at a number of activities to make ends meet, including raising heifers, running a farm stand and a lawn mowing/maintenance business.

When he learned about the opportunity to produce eggs for Nellie’s Free Range, he worked with Vermont Agricultural Credit Corporation and Yankee Farm Credit to finance a brand new, fully automated poultry barn on his property.

The barn’s unique design offers his 12,600 hens a humane free -range environment. Feed, water and ventilation are all continuously monitored by a central electronic console. A cold storage room keeps the eggs chilled until the weekly pickup truck arrives. And the operation provides Farmer Wadel with a reliable, secondary revenue stream–for just two to three hours a day of non-strenuous labor.


Ward Farm

Grafton County, NH


Ward Farm

Grafton County, NH

A family connection to farming traditions

Brian and Phil Ward had milked cows on their family’s farm since high school. But like many small dairy farmers, they were finding it harder and harder to make any money. While they had a productive herd of about 85 milking cows, the economies of scale weren’t on their side. So in spring 2012, the Ward brothers sold off their herd and rebuilt their dairy barn for poultry. They’ve never looked back!

Phil and Brian are second cousins to our own Jesse Laflamme, which made it an easy decision to produce eggs for Nellie’s Free Range. After they gutted and remodeled their barn from top to bottom (in just 90 days!), 12,700 laying hens are now contentedly clucking away inside as well as enjoying the grassy outdoor access area just outside their barn.

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