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Gold Mine! – Why Double Yolks Occur

Have you ever cracked into an egg with a double yolk? Lucky you! Ever cracked into several eggs in your dozen to find double yolks in more than one egg? It might seem like finding a four leaf clover, but there is actually a reason this happens fairly often.

By themselves, double yolks are fairly rare – you might find them in 1 of every 1,000 eggs. These eggs typically come from our younger hens who are still learning how to lay eggs.

As you might expect, double yolked egg shells tend to be pretty big. In fact, they are usually graded ‘Super Jumbo.’ Eggs identified as Super Jumbo are too large for our packing machine to pack into cartons, so they are moved to the hand packing station. At Nellie’s, these eggs are still labeled as Jumbos, even though they are technically Super Jumbos. As the hand packers fill their Jumbo egg cartons with Super Jumbos, more than 50% of those will include an extra yolk. So that makes something fairly rare in nature suddenly appear rather common, simply because they have all been grouped together during the packing process and put into the same cartons.

So if you crack open a Nellie’s egg and find a double yolk, you’ll actually be pretty likely to find another ‘eggstra’ yolk or two in your dozen. And because those cartons are hand-packed and placed in cases together, you could find a whole grocery display of Jumbo dozens that have a high likelihood of containing a double yolked egg or two!

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  1. Teresa Hartman says:

    When I first started buying your eggs, awhile ago, I would get one or two doubles in each carton. Last couple of years I haven’t seen even one. Thought maybe you were screening them out of the regular eggs.

  2. Christina says:

    Guess what??? We got 11 eggs with double yolk in them!! Super lucky!!! <3

    1. susan burton says:

      I was stunned when I got eleven double yolks.

  3. Christina says:

    Guess what??? We bought a dozen and 11 of which has double yolk in them!! Super lucky!!! <3

    1. Sarah Walls says:

      Awesome! Enjoy!

  4. Helen S. says:

    After months of asking which eggs were the freshest at our local supermarket, the dairy/egg mgr. finally told me to try Nellies eggs. I’m sold!! These are the freshest available in local market and they have a much fresher taste!
    My daughter’s only complaint occurred when it came to making “Easter” eggs, as these were so fresh that she had a hard time getting them out of shells………..because they weren’t old!!

    1. Sarah Walls says:

      HI Helen! We’re so glad to hear that you are enjoying them! Thanks so much for the kind words. We do find our eggs are sometimes harder to get out of the shells when hard boiled – but I have a great tip for you from our friends at The Prairie Homestead – try steaming your eggs! Here’s the link, courtesy of The Prairie Homestead.


  5. Helen S. says:

    Since I wrote last July, we haven’t had a double yolk since!!
    Hopefully with springtime coming upon us there will be a fresh supply as younger chickens are still new to laying!!

  6. Sara Tiemogo says:

    I searched for this page after buying a dozen jumbo eggs and having 8 out of the 12 be double yolked!! As a person who LOVES egg yolk, this was the best package of eggs I’ve ever bought. 🙂 ❤️

  7. Jessica says:

    I had to come see if this was a thing. I got 3 packs of eggs and one of which we have used so far had the entire dozen as double yolks. I opened up a new package this morning and used one, of which had a double yolk. Best store bought eggs ever! When we can’t make it to the farm to pick up fresh ones, I’ll be buying these one from now on. Thanks!

    1. Sarah Walls says:

      Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for the feedback. We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying the double yolks!

  8. Ward says:

    I had 45 double yolks in a row then a few dozen reg. Now I’m another streak gonna hit 36 in a row tomorrow. Need another dozen all double yolkers to break my own record.

    1. Sarah says:

      We’ve been enjoying your story, Ward! Thanks so much for sharing!

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