Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are not part of egg recall!
Nellie's Free Range Eggs


Recipe: Shakshuka

“I used Nellie’s Free Range Eggs to make this a meal that’s healthy, humane, and free of residual antibiotics or other icky things from the chicken’s diet. I chose Nellie’s Free Range Eggs because they’re easy to find (I got mine from Whole Foods) and always free range, and free of hormones or antibiotics, and kosher certified. They’re also great quality, delicious eggs!”

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Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are not part of egg recall!

Rose Acre Farms has recalled over 200 million eggs from a single farm in North Carolina whose eggs were shipped to 10 different states under a variety of brand names. Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are not affected and we do not partner with factory farms of this type or size.

If you’re concerned about eggs you purchased recently, see what brands have been recalled.

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are produced by family farmers on small farms. Learn more about why Nellie’s eggs are different.