Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are not part of egg recall!
Nellie's Free Range Eggs


Asparagus, Spinach and Pea Quiche

courtesy of Weekend Jaunts


Quiche always feels special, but is simple and easy to make for busy weeknights as well!


6 Nellie’s eggs
1/2 cup whole milk
bunch of asparagus spears, cut up
1 cup of frozen or fresh spinach
1 cup of frozen peas
1/2 cup of cheese (I used cheddar)
sprinkle of parmesan cheese
bunch of fresh dill
salt and pepper
pre-prepared pie crust (or homemade, if you can!)


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Crack all of the eggs and beat them in a bowl.
  3. Add in the milk and mix.
  4. Cut up the veggies and mix everything together, along with the cheeses and salt and pepper.
  5. Pour it into the pie crust.
  6. Bake for 50 minutes.


10 Minutes Prep Time

50 Minutes Cook Time


6 – 8 Servings

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are not part of egg recall!

Rose Acre Farms has recalled over 200 million eggs from a single farm in North Carolina whose eggs were shipped to 10 different states under a variety of brand names. Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are not affected and we do not partner with factory farms of this type or size.

If you’re concerned about eggs you purchased recently, see what brands have been recalled.

Nellie’s Free Range Eggs are produced by family farmers on small farms. Learn more about why Nellie’s eggs are different.