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Nellie’s Eggs NOT Impacted by Egg Recall

This week 207 million eggs had to be recalled due to a Salmonella outbreak on a farm in North Carolina operated by Rose Acre Farms, the second largest egg producer in the country. While this recall does not affect Nellie’s, we were saddened by those impacted and amazed by its extent, given that it was from just one farm. You may not know this, but hens, on average, lay just under one egg per day. So to produce that many eggs in 90 days, you need about 2.5 million hens. That is like taking every single person that lives in the city of Chicago, and putting them on a single farm.

That approach to producing eggs is common because it’s efficient and inexpensive. But cheap eggs are very costly in other ways – consider the lives of the hens! About 9 out of 10 eggs sold in the U.S. come from eggs produced by hens that live in cages so small they can’t move around or flap their wings. If you think that’s a difficult environment in which to control disease, you’re right. The primary way they combat disease is by feeding the hens antibiotics in their food or water and accepting a high hen mortality rate.

At Nellie’s Free Range, we don’t pretend that we can control everything. What is different about us, however, is that our farms are human-scale (roughly 1-2% the size of these factory sized farms) and each one is owned and operated by a single family. The farmers care about their birds and they care about their product. And if anything was to happen on one of our farms, the number of eggs affected would be in the thousands, not in the hundreds of millions.

Thank you for supporting our Certified Humane, Free Range Farms. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Jandee DeHaven says:

    I only buy Nellies eggs. After watching a video on the horrible treatment of hens in large production facilities, I refused to be a contributing party to the abuse. It was at that time I found Nellies in my store. The world needs to develop a conscience.

    1. Taylor says:

      Thank you for sharing our values when it comes to the humane treatment of our hens, Jandee. We’re hopeful that as more and more consumers like you strive to make conscious and informed decisions, we will see fewer and fewer factory farms. We so appreciate you supporting us in leading the change.

  2. Michele says:

    I love your eggs..Always delicious and the packages are good .Thank u for being a company that cares..

    1. Taylor says:

      So glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying our eggs, Michele. Thank you so much for supporting our happy hens!

  3. Michele says:

    all companys should care as much as you guys do.I feel better eating an egg from a company that I can trust. I eat eggs 6 days out of the week..thats alot of trust.. thank you and God bless you

  4. Wendy says:

    Thank you for humanely raising your hens and that is why I buy your eggs. I want to help support better lives for them.

    1. Taylor says:

      Your support means a lot to us, Wendy. Thank you for choosing Nellie’s and the humane practices that we uphold on all of our small family farms!

  5. Christine Schiff says:

    Thank-you for choosing humane treatment for your hens and for the best-tasting eggs ever! A “try them once and see” brought me to your brand and further educating myself afterwards will keep me buying Nellie’s…

    1. Taylor says:

      It was definitely an easy choice for us, Christine – and we’re so grateful that you support the love and care that we show our hens. We appreciate you!

  6. Angelica Quezada says:

    Thank You for raising your hens in a humanly way and for producing healthy eggs for our families, I fell in love with your eggs at first taste and even more when I read your story about how you raise your hens, even how you got the name Nellie, Thank You for caring.

    1. Taylor says:

      We’re so happy that you enjoyed learning about our story, Angelica. It seems that Jesse and little Nellie’s story is one that everyone can relate to in one way or another. Thank you for your loyalty and kind words!

  7. penny oross says:

    I have just switched to Nellie’s eggs…Humane treatment is vitally important. These creatures deserve a fulfilled life.

  8. Jorgepox says:

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  9. Ashley Mitchell says:

    Nellie’s eggs are delightful I found out about your eggs 5 years ago threw a family member. Your eggs are so remarkable I will only buy your eggs an so will my kids. Keep up the marvellous work you all do

    1. Taylor says:

      We love that you and your family are now part of our Nellie’s family, Ashley! Thank you so much for the kind words.

  10. MartinToppy says:

    Hi All im rookie here. Good article! Thx! Thx!

  11. Barb says:

    So glad to have found someone who cares about the chickens and the quality of food being produced and sold. I raised chickens for many years and recently stopped. I was glad to have found your eggs, they are the closest I have found to my backyard hens eggs.

    1. Taylor says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Barb. We’re honored to be able to provide folks like you with eggs that they can trust and believe in. Thank you for supporting our happy hens!

  12. Jamie says:

    Nellies eggs are the ONLY eggs that don’t make my ears itch, and my doctor thinks that my ears itch from pesticides on foods, so that tells you a lot! Thank you so much for taking such great care of your hens and providing excellent quality eggs!

    1. Taylor says:

      Wow, that’s so cool to hear, Jamie! It makes us so happy to know that you can enjoy our eggs without worrying about any side effects. Thank you so much for supporting our small family farms!

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