Praise from the People

Below is just a tiny sample of the wonderful words we receive from all of you each week. Please keep it coming to the kindness crew or on any of our social media sites! Thanks.


“My family lives in Fort Lauderdale and tired Nellie’s Eggs for the first time. We are blown away! I can’t explain it but the way they crack is different! The shells feel thicker. The egg is tastier and the yolk is yellower than any egg I’ve ever tried.  We will not buy any other eggs now. We bought them from our local Publix but I feel like I got them fresh from the farm. Amazing!

-Brock H.

“Very yummy!  I’m almost vegan but I will eat backyard eggs and will support what you are doing for these animals, thank you. “

-A. Hiatt

“Hello! I am new to your product as I think I have bought my second or third crate of your eggs the past few months. I’m always trying to find the best deal for organic, natural, cage free, you name it-haha-eggs at a better price!

 I discovered yours and I continue to buy them! They taste great, they look great and I literally smiled when I cracked an egg and noticed how orange the yolk was. This is just not something you see from store-bought eggs! I will continue buying your product because I truly believe I have found the right eggs for my family!
Thank you so much for giving us a product that we can trust!”

-Emily-Anne B.

HI there! I just want to comment that these eggs are the most like our friend’s backyard chicken eggs we’ve ever purchased! They yolk is a dark yellow and the taste is fresh and healthy. I am so happy to have found a great brand at a decent price. Thank you!

-Robin C.

Bought some of your eggs today to make a low-carb keto-friendly bread….and let me just say – THEY MADE A DIFFERENCE!!

The bread tastes RICHER than using conventional eggs.

THANKS for your GREAT product!

-Sam L.