Praise from the People

Below is just a tiny sample of the wonderful words we receive from all of you each week. Please keep it coming to the kindness crew or on any of our social media sites! Thanks.


“Hello from Southwest Michigan. So glad to see real free range eggs at my local store. They cost a bit more but are so worth it! Great taste, and I am so happy the birds your farmers care for are very well treated. I love chickens and wish I could set up a small coop system at home, but our city forbids it. :(. However I will happily buy and support Nellie’s in lieu of chicken ownership. Thanks for your great product that I can buy with confidence!”

-Lorraine M.


“I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I love your product. I lived in Europe for many years and upon returning to the U.S. I lamented the quality of eggs. When I cracked open the first of your eggs and saw the gorgeous, bright yolk I knew I had found my new brand. They are like the eggs from grandma’s farm! And they taste the way eggs are supposed to!!!  THANK YOU!”


“I just started to see your commercials on TV a few days ago and I love them. I have never seen your eggs before and will look for them in supermarket.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the commercials. I wish I could have my own chickens, and seeing this adorable commercial makes my day.”


“I’ve recently discovered your eggs and website.  I appreciate all the information you’ve provided regarding the egg industry and the transparency in your own practices.  I now only buy Nellie’s Free Range Eggs from the market…and have also recommended your eggs to others.  Thank you for all you do!”

-Rebecca G.

“We have eggs almost every morning and have just recently started purchasing Nellie’s eggs. We absolutely love the texture and flavor of your eggs and the bonus of having them be free range, hormone and antibiotic free, as well as Certified Humane is great. Also, thank you for recycling water bottles to use as your egg crates. We’re hooked!”

-Jill G.